We stock a wide selection of markers to cater for various requirements.

Winsor & Newton Water Colour Markers

Winsor & Newton Water Colour Markers are highly pigmented and water-based for superb colour performance and blending, with the added precision of a pen. They add a new dimension to exploring water colour and are available in 36 shades. They are created using the finest quality pigments, and offer excellent flow and blendability to create soft, vibrant washes. Their unrivalled permanence and lightfastness, make them far superior to dye-based equivalents. They are expertly crafted with twin tips: a flexible brush and a fine nib to create a variety of stunning, sweeping lines and superior detailing.

Winsor & Newton Pro Markers

Expert, versatile and boasting an unrivalled colour spectrum, the Winsor & Newton ProMarker is a must-have, professional quality addition to your marker collection. The collection includes 148 colours from intensely vibrant to subtle pastels. The pens are blend-friendly, with malleable, alcohol-based, translucent ink. They are twin-tipped, with a broad chisel nib and fine bullet nib. The have high quality nibs for consistent, streak-free coverage. They are skilfully versatile and can be used on ink-resistant surfaces like acetate, glass, plastic and wood

Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers

The Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers are made using only the highest grade, lightfast, fine art pigments instead of dyes. They include over 100 beautiful colours, including 24 shades of grey across four scales. The markers are non-fade, fine art pigments instead of dyes, keeping your work fresh and vibrant for 100 years. They are ergonomically designed with a comfortable, ultra slim profile. The collection also offers a White Blender, allowing you to mix tones and create myriad colours - even on black paper.

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