Hammerite - Malta

If it's metal, Hammerite it!

Hammerite is Britain's top selling metal finish, with good reason. Its special three-in-one formula means you do not need a primer or undercoat. You can apply directly onto rusty metal and achieve spectacular results at a stroke.

Protecting the metal around your home against rust makes good sense. Corroded, pitted metal surfaces are not only unsightly, they can be dangerous. What is more, the damage caused by rust can cost you money. Specially formulated using advanced silicone technology, Hammerite forms a super tough barrier that not only seals out moisture, but gives long lasting protection.

Hammerite's excellent decorative appearance is also ideal for interior applications. It is available in 26 colours and 3 finishes: Hammered, Smooth and Satin.

Hammerite is quick as well as easy to use. It is touch dry after only 30 minutes and rain proof in just one hour. As a result, a task that could take days with a conventional paint system can be completed in hours with Hammerite.

So whether you want to protect, decorate, or rejuvenate the metal around your home, you'll find it's easy with Hammerite.

Hammerite also produce thinners and brush cleaners, metal degreasers and special metal primers. Other products falling under the hammerite brand are Kurust rust converter, Barbecue paint and Appliance white enamel.

Please visit www.hammerite.co.uk for further details.

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