Berger Roof Compound

Berger Flexible Roof Compound is the result of an international research and development programme which resulted in a product with exceptional flexibility and water resistance. Since the introduction of Berger Flexible Roof Compound, the product has proved itself to be the most effective waterproofing product on the market. Berger Flexible Roof compound adheres to the surface, which means that water is not allowed to seep under the film - a common problem with other products. Berger Flexible Roof Compound provides a water resistant, flexible, long life decorative finish for flat or ’sloping’ roofs. It is suitable for concrete and bitumen coated concrete as well as galvanised steel or aluminium roofs. Berger Flexible Roof Compound does not soften or melt in hot weather and is easy to recoat. It is also used above membrane, on joints or where membrane has failed.


Flat roofs (concrete or bitumen coated concrete), should be swept clean of all loose dirt gravel or loosely held tar. If there is any algae or fungal growth, remove by scrubbing with a solution of bleach and wash away with clean water. Galvanised roofs should be washed with detergent and water. Rust patches should be wire brushed and primed, (using Brolac All Purpose Primer). On concrete roofs, large active cracks must be filled by opening the crack, then clean and fill it with Berger Expansion Joint Sealer. For smaller cracks, open and clean, fill with Berger Flexible Roof Compound, apply one coat above and reinforce by covering this with a piece of polyester gauze pushing it well in and applying a further coat of compound. You will find Roof Compound easier to apply to very absorbent surfaces which have been first sealed with Berger Stabilising Solution, but this is not always essential. Berger Flexible Roof Compound is ready for use and should not be thinned. Flexible Roof Compound can be applied by brush, broom or large roller. Apply generously to give a uniform coat over the whole roof. Apply two coats, allowing 24 hours before applying the second coat.

IMPORTANT: To achieve best results, it is essential to apply two coats of Flexible Roof Compound using 1/2 litre of Compound per square metre for each coat. Also apply two coats of Flexible Roof Compound to the side walls to a height of at least 20 cm. This will prevent rain water from penetrating into the wall and spoiling the outside paintwork of the house. Because Berger Flexible Roof Compound is self coloured, it is not necessary to apply any further solar reflective coating. After 24 hours, the roof will be ready for light foot traffic although, of course, sharp pointed heels should be avoided. Clean brushes and other equipment with water immediately after use.


Berger Flexible Roof Compound is available in a range of colours.

White - Gives maximum solar protection.

Light Grey - Blends easily into the surroundings.

Tile Red/Green - For those who prefer a strong colour.

Magnolia - For those who prefer a lighter colour.

Clear – to keep the original surface design / colour


For best results, the recommended coverage is one litre per square metre of roof.


Berger Flexible Roof Compound has exceptional elasticity properties. It will stretch to double its normal length before breaking, even after a long period of weathering. This makes it ideal for flat concrete and roofs which expand and contract with the weather.


Berger Flexible Roof compound has been used very successfully on household and factory roofs, Church Domes, Hotel Sun Decks, etc.

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