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Vee Gee Bee has long been involved with the art scene in Malta. Initially it started off, way back in 1929, as a supplier of artist material, importing and selling the renowned brand - Winsor & Newton. Gradually, the early directors of the company started to try and promote art in Malta and support and encourage the local artists wherever possible. Contacts were made with the main art organisations such as the Malta Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce and the School of Art in Valletta. Vee Gee Bee Art helped such organisations with their various activities, in order to create a healthy and thriving art scene in Malta. These good relations still exist today and Vee Gee Bee Art have been sponsoring their National Art Exhibition and Competitions for a number of years.

As the demand for art material increased, the main Vee Gee Bee shop in Valletta, was converted to a one-stop Art Shop in 1999. The whole shop floor displays all sorts of oils, water colours, acrylics, brushes, paper, canvas etc. The brands stocked were increased and besides Winsor & Newton, Vee Gee Bee Art also began to represent Caran d’Ache, Reeves, Inveresk, Unison, Pergamano, Marabu and more. The first floor was also converted into an Art Gallery displaying contemporary art by local and foreign artists. Thanks to its prime position, this Art Gallery was visited by locals, tourists and art students.

Vee Gee Bee Art today represents a number of talented artists and helps them promote their art locally. It also supports these artists by sponsoring their exhibitions or activities, in order to encourage them to keep displaying their work. We are actively involved in events such as Notte Bianca. We also support art events being held in schools to ensure that our youths are encouraged to practice art as well as appreciate it in its various forms.

In 2010, Vee Gee Bee Art opened another Art Shop in San Gwann. This is a much larger shop and therefore even more art products are offered from here. Within the shop, one also finds a fully equipped and professional art studio where artists can have workshops or courses using purposely set-up easels, projectors etc.

To further promote art amongst Maltese youths and adults, Vee Gee Bee Art organises art courses and workshops with the help of qualified and experienced teachers. These courses have become extremely popular and we are glad to see new and young artists that attended our courses, moving further in their art today and creating works that keep the local art scene alive.

In 2016 VGB also launched the first online shop for art materials. Customers can now buy their art products from the comfort of their own home and even have to goods delivered driectly to their preferred location.

Vee Gee Bee is nearing its 100 years in the art business and our mission will continue to be not just to sell artist material but to help the art scene in Malta grow and flourish as much as possible and to be able to offer support and advice in most matters relating to Art & Colour.

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